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Fraser Hone Consulting Inc.
Our Team
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Our Team


Colin G. Fraser

Mr. Fraser has extensive experience in financial management, including financial accounting, forecasting and auditing, and treasury management of multi-national corporations in a variety of industries. A chartered accountant, he began his career with Deloitte & Touche in London, was Treasurer of Brooke Bond Foods, Consolidated Bathurst, and Abitibi-Price (Forest Products); and CFO of Telecite (Media), now part of Alstom, a major French multinational. His financial consulting firm has executed mandates in project financing, management buy-outs, and financial planning.

James A. Hone

Mr. Hone has extensive financial management and administrative experience in a wide range of industries,both nationally and internationally. A graduate of McGill University and York University, he worked in Retail (The Bay), Chemical (DuPont); Automotive (Ford), Aerospace & Building Systems (Pratt & Whitney as Treasurer, and United Technologies Corporation as Assistant-Treasurer-International Finance); Forest Products (Abitibi-Price as VP-Treasurer and VP-Financial Services); Telecommunications (BCE as CFO of TMI Communications); and Media (CFO of GSI Technologies).


Michel Laplante

Mr. Laplante operates his own consulting business, ConqueteTech. He has extensive experience in the fields of IT, Multimedia, and Telecommunications, and expertise in the area of personnel training in hightech environments. In his association with Fraser Hone Consulting, he provides technical and sales and marketing guidance for the development and execution of the business plans of our clients. A graduate of the University of Montreal, he was an account manager for Yamaha; a consultant to Commodore Business Machines and Kawai; national sales manager for MDL Technologies; and VP Research and Development and Sr VP Marketing of GSI Technologies.

Gerald Weber


Senior executive with global exposure, Mr. Weber has led projects world-wide and held a Switzerland posting for three years.  His expertise centers on strategic planning, corporate reorganizations, optimization of operational assets and business processes.  He has carried out several cost reduction and margin improvement programs and participated in mergers, acquisitions and divestment activities.  Mr. Weber has also worked on outsourcing of functions and operations as well as supply chain initiatives and strategic alliances.  In addition to many years in the manufacturing and communications industries, he has 9 years of consulting experience both in the public and private sectors with clients of all sizes.


Mr. Weber is a graduate of Concordia University where he earned a B. Com. and an MBA in finance and information systems.  He remains an active member of the MBA Association where he co-chairs the New Economy interest group.


Edward Zebrowski


Mr. Zebrowski has broad experience in all areas of corporate finance and strategic planning. Since moving to Ottawa in 1996 he has served as Director of Finance for NETPCS Networks, an Internet communication service provider, and as Vice-President Finance of the Ottawa Citizen. His earlier career was in Montreal where he was Corporate Finance Manager at BCE Inc., Director Internal Audit & Special Projects and Assistant Treasurer at Westburne Inc. (Plumbing, electrical and HVAC supplies), and Corporate Controller of Concordia Management Company (construction management and real estate development). He is bilingual.


A C.A. with Ernst & Young in Montreal for eight years, he is a graduate of McGill University with a Bachelor of Commerce and an M.B.A. in Strategic Management and International Finance. He recently earned his C.P.A. (Illinois) and C.F.A. designations. 

Alexander Zervakos

Mr. Zervakos is president and founder of Securex Filing Corp.   An entrepreneur in the IT industry, he has over 15 years of business experience, both in accounting and business administration roles. He previously owned and operated Automotion International Ltd. an automobile import-export company; was a consultant with Alfa Business and Accounting Services, a financial services company where he specialized in taxation; was co-founder of Lexton Ltd. a manufacturer/distributor of computers and co-founder of        L2 Communication, a network integration company specializing in the educational market.  As director of investor relations of GSI Technologies, a publicly traded company, he was directly involved with fund raising and the SEC listing process. Having experience with investor relations, corporate compliance, shareholder and SEC reporting, he has an excellent working knowledge of public company reporting requirements.