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Fraser Hone Consulting Inc.
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Fraser Hone Consulting Profile


Typically, owner-managers of rapidly growing private enterprises find themselves lacking the internal resources required to carry out vital business functions in the areas of corporate finance and administration. Fund raising is a top priority and tapping the private and public markets is a huge challenge. The due diligence of banks and potential investors is intensive, placing unusual demands on managements time and attention, just when they need to focus on business operations as never before. Engaging financial managers with the right caliber and appropriate hands-on experience can be a time-consuming effort, often requiring the support of professional recruiters. Training current and new employees to move up the learning curve for the next stage in the companys evolution is normally another daunting task.

Fraser Hone Consulting Inc. provides its clients with an effective interim response in these urgent situations, helping the company bridge the competence gap and to achieve its immediate objectives in a period of opportunity and accelerating growth. Fraser Hone Consulting Inc. offers continuing guidance specifically adapted to the companys own pace and circumstances. As it builds its own organization for the longer term and ramps up its operations, a company can better determine and achieve the desired balance between outsourced and internally managed functions.

We serve a limited number of clients at any one time, a typical mandate usually lasting for a continuous period of 6 months, followed by ad hoc consulting mandates of more limited duration.

A key feature of our mandates is a compensation arrangement based on an appropriate mix of cash fees and equity awards, geared and scheduled to the clients emerging circumstances. This approach provides mutual incentives for business success.


Fraser Hone guides the Management Team to its goal by:

assuring a solid foundation for the mandate;
effectively complementing the companys own resources with hands-on   services.

Strategic and Business Planning

Assess the technological advantages of the companys products and services in the market place.
Confirm the companys strategic plan.
Confirm the companys organization plan and the core competencies required to fulfill the plan.
Assist Management in the development of the sales and marketing plan.
Work with Management to complete a business plan document with financial projections suitable both for valuation and capital raising purposes.

Corporate Finance and M & A Activities

Assist Management to determine a financing strategy and financing plan.
Coordinate financing activities, engaging financial, legal, and administrative advisors as required.
Coordinate M & A and divestiture activities with Client's other financial advisors and independent valuation specialists.

Risk Management

Provide risk management and insurance services including foreign exchange, property, civil, and D & O liabilities.

Financial and Regulatory Reporting

Assist Management in the preparation of quarterly and annual reports to the SEC pending assumption of responsibility for these functions internally.
Oversee the filing of all SEC reports (including 10Q, 10K, Forms 4, 5, 6, SB-2, S-8, etc.) via EDGAR, interfacing, as required, with Client's legal and financial advisors.

Corporate Governance and Regulatory Matters

Help Client develop a Statement of Corporate Governance
Work with Client's legal advisors to identify and complete all material required by regulatory authorities for specific transactions.
Inform and update Client Management on key matters and obligations pertaining to its status as an incorporated, reporting, and publicly traded company.

Investor Relations

Assist Management to maintain effective communications with investors and stock analysts.
Respond to the requirements of the NASD OTC Bulletin Board, Client's transfer agent, and market makers.
Develop and monitor press releases in association with Client's VP Communications.
Assist in the maintenance of Client's Website.