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Fraser Hone Consulting Inc.
About Us
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Our Mission
Fraser Hone is a corporate finance advisory services firm that provides creative and innovative solutions to its start-up and middle-market clients.

For Our Clients

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our work product, our rapid response, and the integrity of the advice that we deliver, and we never view an engagement for our services as a one-time transaction. Instead, we view each engagement as part of the development and strengthening of a long-term relationship.

Fraser Hone Consulting Inc. is dedicated to enterprises that are:



        global in their marketing orientation

        seeking long-term funding

        seeking a merger or to position themselves to be sold

        preparing to launch an IPO

        seeking a listing on the NASD OTC BULLETIN BOARD

        now qualify for a listing on NASDAQ.

Going public is a short-term project; staying public is an ongoing process. Preparing to attract potential partners or buyers is another special task. We offer our clients an economical alternative to traditional approaches. We help Management achieve their goal faster, at a lower cost, and without diluting their focus on operations.

Scope of Services

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Fraser Hone Consulting Inc. specializes in corporate planning, financial and administrative services with the accent on:

strategic and business planning
technology assessments and market development
corporate governance and organization development
financing and M & A and divestiture activities
treasury and risk management
regulatory compliance and reporting
investor relations.

Our network in other essential areas such as legal services, corporate communications, taxation, accounting, and business valuations facilitate our offering a complete package of solutions and coordinated services to rapidly growing development-stage and medium-sized enterprises.

Selecting the best business opportunities to concentrate on is a key strategic issue for Management. Making clear strategic choices in highly competitive, technology-intensive markets is essential to success. Fraser Hone Consulting Inc. guides the Management Team to focus on the most likely product or service winners.

Most importantly, we help our clients to do what it takes to attract the external sources of funding needed to capitalize on attractive business opportunities A WINNING BUSINESS PLAN. Then we help them to identify the appropriate sources of financing and to secure it.